Saturday, February 18, 2017


1050 CHUM from October 12, 2003 from aproximately 11:45-12:30. Roger Ashby with "Sunday Morning Oldies", then into Tom Rivers. Commercials including David Miller campaign ad, Beatrix Potter exhibit, Woodbine Slots and Racetrack.

1050 CHUM from October 19, 2003 from approximately 11:00-11:45 with Roger Ashby "Sunday Morning Oldies." Commercials for "Hollywood Wives" on CITY-TV and a lot of the same spots as on the other side of the tape.

CFLY-FM with "Nightcap", hosted by anncr Nancy Allen. Featured a set of Shirley Bassey jazz songs. Nancy Allen pronounced Bassey with long a.

101.5 CFMP-FM with "Saturday Night Dance Party". Unidentified female anncr. Long sets of songs from early fifties to early sixties with no back or frontsells. In fact, anncr only gave ID, timecheck and program name. One commercial for a trailer dealership in Enismore and a psa about not swindling tourists. Also an ID featuring one of the members of The Crewcuts inviting us to listen to "Father Heffernan's Radio Show" Sunday nights from 7:00-8:00.

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