Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Apparently, several magazine articles over the years have suggested Starship's "We Built This City On Rock and Roll" to be the worst song of all time, or at least the worst rock song of all time.

While this eighties tune is hardly the best song ever, I can think of many songs that are worse. Here is an extemparanious list:

Wildfire (frost kills vegetables, not people)
Paul Anka "She's Having My Baby"
most Christian contemporary music (mostly sounds the same, mostly sounds like it was recorded 20 years ago, no efferts made with instrumentation or even to have lyrics that stand out most of the time)
most things Paul McCartney did after The Beatles broke up (actually, Paul, the world _has had enough of silly love songs)
most things Willie Nelson has done (guy can't sing)
everything Lady Gaga and most of the pop artists of the past few years have released
most of today's mainstream country music
a large portion of mainstream rap ever since Nellie came on the scene
most early CanCon
most of Shania Twain's songs, especially beginning with the album "Come on Over" (Shania, take your own advice and don't be stupid)
"Octopus's Garden" (unless you're seven or under)
"Maresy Dotes"
of course, everything Tiny Tim sang
Plain White Tees "1, 2, 3" (you whiny manchild, you)
The Royal Guardsman's Chhristmas version of "Snoopy Versus the Red Baron"
Barking Dog Jingle Bells
"You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch"
the hymn "Take My Life and Let it Be" (the writer may have meant the lyrics, but she's probably the only one; besides, I think the song makes promises to God the Bible itself says we are incapable of keeping
"Jesus Loves Me" (if there are better verses than the bit usually sung, I haven't heard them; it's the Holy Spirit working through the Bible which tells us that Jesus loves us
Newsong "The Christmas Shoes"
"Highway of Heroes" and
that song that guy wrote after he saw a girl refusing to be quiet for Remembrance Day cerimonies (stupid militaristic jingoism)
Rick Dees "Disco Duck" (and "The Weekly Top 40" if in some alternate universe radio shows are in the same category as songs
all of Hanson's "Middle of Nowhere" albums
all of Acqua's "Acquarius" and "Acquarium" albums
that "Jimmy Ray" song that was out in the fall of 1997 (who wants to know, who wants to know; who gives a darn?, nobody does)
Carolyn AArons "She's Getting Ready For Glory" (your life in Christ better consist of a lot more than learning Bible verses and hymns)
"She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy"
"Mrs. Stephen Rudy" or something akin to that title (the fact it celebrates committing adultery; why'd you marry the guy in the first place?)
Sheryl Crow "Soak Up the Sun"

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