Wednesday, August 24, 2016

DX LOG 8/24

Live 88.5 Ottawa with commercials.

88.9 unid. with music.

93.7 WBLK Buffalo with anncr Chris, RandB music and commercials, including promo for Liberty Cab back-to-school fundraiser.

95.1 WREO Rochester with Brother Weez morning show, mentioning contest looking for 200th caller, then interview with lady about wine festival.

96.5 WCMF Rochester with classic rock song and anncr.

97.9 WPXY Rochester with Justin Timberlake song.

98.5 WKSE Buffalo with top forty music.

98.9 WBZE Rochester with Masda commercial.

99.5 WDCX Buffalo with Christian contemporary music and into Charles Morris.

101.1 CKBY Ottawa with country music and station promo for concert in Houston, Texas.

102.5 WTSS Buffalo with song and promo for new website.

106.7 mixing product between WKGS Syracuse and CFBR Ottawa, both with commercials.

107.7 WLKK with song, ID and Violent Femmes "Let Me Go On."

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