Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Came across a couple interesting tapes recently.

The first had been dubbed from a cd and featured Christian children's songs, later explained as being part of a Sunday school ciriculum from Thank You Music. After this explanation, there followed a sample of RandB style songs for the December 1996 African-American ciriculum. The person making the tape apparently then stopped the cd and switched over to what I guessed was the AM side of the radio spectrum with a partial soundbite of a woman on a telephone discussing what sounded like job action on the part of nurses.

The other tape was of a Christmas program done at a church as a fundraiser for Heart of Hastings Hospice. There was a welcome, music by a choir, a call to worship, prayer, readings, and the offering. It sounded like it might have been dubbed from a master tape of the event as there was about thirty seconds of repetition at one point.

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