Thursday, October 15, 2015


Picked up WRUR Rochester Saturday morning with eclectic mix of music.

Then, picked up 89.1 The Point with top 40 music and female anncr talking about Haloween parties and giving weather forecast.

That Loyalist College internet station, Hot Hits, is certainly better than what I had in my first year. Cudos to whoever made the decision to launch that.

Been downloading old episodes of "Brave New Waves" and "Nightlines." I regret I never appreciated those programs and their music more when they were on.

Man, Premier Christian Radio from the UK is just so good; they've got a good emphasis on Jesus Christ without becoming starchy and dull.

That music program on RTE Monday-Fridays at 8:00 p.m. is good. When I tuned in the other week I heard some classic rock tunes followed by some jazz tunes.

Didn't know we could get Joy 1250 in this area at this time of year before the sun went down.

Listened to the Jays win on Monday night on CIWW Ottawa, then listened to Christian country music on WXRL, checked out some of the ethnic stuff on CJMR, then listened to some hymns on WQEW. The AM band can still offer interesting stuff.

Also listened to the Jays win today on CIWW.

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