Sunday, April 12, 2015


I actually found the article on spring efemerals in the March issue of Good Times pretty interesting.

Things must be getting bad if Chatalaine's main feature in their March Food section is seven meals made from one grocery list.

Regarding the article in the same issue on abortion not being taught at medical schools: Of course, no mention is made of the fact these medical students also aren't tought much, if anything, about alternative treatments, and only get an hour and a half teaching in their whole academic careers about nutrition.

Physicians, you took the Hypocratic oath, which says in part to do no harm. Certainly, taking the life of an unborn baby counts as doing harm. As I have written before on this blog, there really is no valid reason for a woman to get an abortion, and if my memory isn't serving me, I really should write a post on that sooner than later.

Regarding the medical centre offering abortions that replaced the abortion clinic in Fredericton: I would be interested to know who the biggest donors to the crowdfunding campaign were. I guess I should take some comfort in the fact the new facility offers more than simply abortions, including prenatal care, but it is hard to. Hopefully they will also incorporate links to adoption agencies and classes on what makes a good relationship at some point.

Of course a pill that has been fast tracked through Health Canada is going to be reported as having hardly any side effects.

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