Saturday, April 11, 2015


Regarding the article about French emersion in the March 30 issue of Maclean's: First of all, you can't learn French under water. Second, instead of focusing on French, why don't our public schools teach children a language that will actually be useful to them, such as Mandarin.

Regarding the article about Mennonites in Taber, Alberta in the same issue: their bad behavior could be partly due to the strict rules these teens and young adults have to live under. Incidentally, Maclean's, why are you calling their children illiterate just because they're homeschooled or attend church schools? I think that's the most blatant bias you've shown to date.

Speaking of Maclean's and it's bias, I didn't even finish Scott Feschuk's column in the same issue.

The one bright spot in this issue of Maclean's was the article about Bonavista. It's good to see someone from a small town come back and improve things. I kind of hope I can do the same thing for the small town where I grew up and in which I presently reside.

I may have already mentioned this, but read the January-February issue of Canadian Geographic. It's jam-packed with great articles and interesting information.

Also, read the Spring Travel issue of the same magazine. It'll bring you on an evocative trip across Canada and around the world.

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