Thursday, October 30, 2014


James Prattas has been leading a five year project in progressing the T102, a product designed to introduce natural solutions to a global problem. We are all exposed to UV radiation, Satellite Signals, Wi-FI, and many other environmental toxins in our modern life. Our goal is to provide a safe new proven scientific alternative to minimize UV radiation and the resulting skin cancers and melanomas.

The science and technology behind these incredible shirts consist of magnetic T1O2 Titanium particles that are combined with Nano-Rutile TiO2, and Nano-Anatase TiO2 under a very high temperature above 1000 Degrees.Then the proprietary magnetic particles are bound into the material fibers by a process which uses Tesla electric current to stabilize the bonding. Inside the yarns of different materials, the Titanium particles remain permanently bonded, and will never wash out. The material is Odorless.

Through the innovative use of crowdfunding on Kickstarter, James Prattas is exposing his much needed product. We would love to share more content and pictures with you! There are so many benefits to wearing T102 you must see for yourself what the T102 is all about on Kickstarter, here.

This sounds so cool!

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