Thursday, October 23, 2014


"Guitarist/singer Michael Barrow is a magnetic frontman, commanding the room’s attention as he slays through solos, vaults off drum risers and amplifiers, and literally leaps, thrashes and careens around the stage. Bassist Bryan Schanck matches him in energy and force, the two pushing against each other in instrumental duels or writhing on the stage floor as they solo while keysman Ariel Cortes builds the wall-of-sound atmospherics and Danny Piechocki batters his kit."- Creative Loafing



Zulu Wave's African-inspired experimental sound defies strict genre categorization, instead a thrilling and energetic mish-mash of influences. Their debut albumJAGORILLAis available today. According to the band, a jagorilla is a fantasy mix between a jaguar and a gorilla. That fantastical mix defines the feeling behind the album: aggressive, mysterious, hard to describe.


Frontman Michael Barrow came to the US from South Africa after spending much of his youth in Zimbabwe. After having some success with his previous band, he wanted to continue to build on that in America with all of the new opportunities that were available. Using Craigslist, along with a little bit of trial and error, the first few variations of Zulu Wave were born. Even back then, it was hard for people to describe what the band was doing, and the band continued to experiment with their sound. The music is a mix of Michael’s African backgrounds and love of noise and experimental music, along with the rest of the group's more traditional musical experiences.


After some time, the band settled into their current lineup (Michael Barrow on vocals/guitar, Danny Piechocki on drums, Brian Schanck bass, and Ariel Cortes on keys) late in 2013 and immediately started work onJAGORILLA. For the band, JAGORILLA is a personal experience, being the culmination of years of work. Zulu Wave's story is one of constant evolution, developing an aggressive new sound that doesn’t easily fit into the usual genres, and that will continue to change in the future.


Zulu Wave'sJAGORILLAis available today. Check it out now.

Straight-up rockin with great melody changes.

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