Tuesday, July 1, 2014


The Brooklyn-based psychedelic dream pop trio Balancer has come a long way since their initial formation back in 2012. The band met while they were all studying in Boston and knew from the start that the three of them were going to make music together. In late 2012 they debuted their EP House in the Clouds without any real expectations; they just wanted to share their music with the rest of the world and in February of this year they independently released their LP Tipsoo.


 Balancer’s members Francisco Valentin (voice & synth), Felipe Piedrahita (guitar & synth), and Gabriela Jimeno (drums & samples) are all originally from Puerto Rico and Colombia. When they first began creating music as a group they would hide away in their dingy Boston basement practice studio on a daily basis for hours on end and just play without saying a single word to each other. With each session they brought together their visions and energy to create a sound that was highly influenced by electronic, psychedelic, pop, and alternative rock music.


 Their music drew inspiration from many things, specifically their native countries, dualism and foreign dimensions.  They released their second EP Transitions in the summer of 2013 and decided to do things a little differently for their LP. That same summer they launched a highly success kickstarter campaign that helped fund the production of their latest album. They spent most of July thru September recording their LP Tipsoo at the Amati Sounds tracking room, which is a studio located in what used to be a hundred year old abandoned barn that was transformed into a studio by their engineer and producer Garrett Reynolds in Maple Valley, Washington.


 The band's full LP was titled after Tipsoo Lake where the band went to see a meteor shower while they were recording in Washington.


Tipsoo is available now.

Single "The Age Is a Gift" is appropriately psychedelic and dreamy. Great for those late summer nights when it's too hot to sleep.


7.10.14 Los Angeles, CA @ The Mint

Check out Ballancer here.http://www.soundofbalance.com

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