Monday, June 24, 2013


Based on notes to myself.

Signing up for the health expo at the Kiwanis Centre. The guy running it let me sign up in a different way as the sign-up form wasn't accessible.

Going to concerts at Amazing Coffee.

Trying to sign up blind people for the network marketing company I was with. My eferts came to nothing.

I was into watching "John From Cincinnati" on Bold at the time. In fact, I watched a lot of Bold back then.

It was at this time I made the first real friend I ever had around here. He approached me at church one day and asked if I would like to do something together sometime. I said sure and the following Friday we went for coffee at Tim Horton's. We had met a couple years previously and at the coffee shop we really hit it off. I asked him if Monday we could go to Amazing Coffee instead. He said sure and so we went there and played cards. After that we went to his house where I met his sweet, kind, loving wife. The three of us jammed together.

The next week I went over to their house for dinner.

I really look at this time as a high point in my life.

He also became a customer of mine after seeing my stuff at the health expo.

I was reading "This Hour Has Seven Decades" at this time, the autobiography of Patrick Watson. Very inspiring.

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