Monday, June 11, 2012



The first horseman represents the coming of the beast.

The second horseman represents war and the general increase in violence which will take place during the tribulation period. Yes, believe it or not, the earth will get even more violent than it is now.

The third horseman represents the famine which will take place during the tribulation period. This horseman contains one of the keys to why these four horsemen don’t represent periods in church history. How does Firerobin explain the verse about “a measure of wheat for a penny?”

At the time Revelation was written, a penny, or the Greek equivalent in their currency (an example of dynamic translation), was a whole day’s wages. It will be like Germany before World War II, where people would push wheelbarrows full of money down to the market to buy a loaf of bread.

The fourth horseman represents the increase in disease which will take place during the tribulation period. Again, how does Pastor Firerobin explain the verse about “to kill with sword hunger death and with the beasts of the field?” The Catholic church mainly burned people at the stake. It doesn’t say anything about fire.

“Sword” refers to war. We have created diseases for ourselves through war: everything from shell shock to Korean hemoragic fever to Gulf War syndrome to the depleted uranium poisoning the troops are coming back from Iraq with that the mainstream media hardly ever talks about.

Hunger points to all the diseases malnutrition creates.

Death could refer to diseases that come from rotting corpses left lying around.

“The beasts of the field” refers to all the diseases that come from animals, from mad cow disease to Hunta virus to lime disease to West Nile virus to bird flu to swine flu (not saying some of these diseases aren’t going to be helped along by certain people whom I talk a lot about on this blog.)

The fifth seal points to the persecution of Christians which will happen as a result of their refusal to take the mark.

The sixth seal represents events which haven’t happened yet. This passage can’t be referring to the Lisbon earthquake, Dark Day and meteor shower because if those events were really significant than every school child would know about them, I daresay even those being “educated” in the Ontario public school system.

You can’t put a gap between the events of verses 13 and 14.

The mountains and islands being moved out of place is similar to what happens when the seventh vial is poured out. These twenty-one judgments are stacked. That is, it isn’t seven seals followed by seven trumpets followed by seven vials. Rather it is the first seal followed by the first trumpet followed by the first vial, the second seal followed by the second trumpet followed by the second vial, etc.

The events of the seventh seal are also similar to events of the seventh vial.

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