Friday, July 15, 2011


Pastor Peter John Peters, pastor of the Laporte Church Of Christ in Colorado and shortwave radio preacher, went on to be with the Lord July 7 at age 64.

Pastor Peters had been pastor of the Laporte Church Of Christ since 1978 and had been variously on AM, shortwave and the internet since 1987.

That man taught me more things than any other preacher, Christian author or other minister I have ever come across. Among the most important things he taught me were that the Law Of God is still in affect, the identity truth, that we do have power as Christians and are not helpless, and that you should always stand up for the truth.

Pastor Peters also gave me my first radio job as a copy writer.

Cause of death is believed to have been exhaustion.


Anonymous said...

We were blessed by God to have Pastor Peters delivering his message to use with the clarity that only he was capable of. Truly a man of the Lord. PRAISE GOD!

Alex Horton said...



He never taught the Preterist Christian Separatist message in his years of ministry, and there were those that tried to tell him,but to no avail. THAT was the point he missed all his life.

Anonymous said...

He taught the truth and that is all that matters. He was a decent man is is deeply missed.

Anonymous said...

one man I wish I'd met.