Friday, July 22, 2011


The Joker: Comedian Ron James incorporated lyrics from this song into one of his routeens.

I think I also remember Homer singing this on The Simpsons.

You're Sixteen: This song is so horrible.

The Way We Were: Barbara Streisand is truly the worst singer in the world.

There was a sketch on the CBC Radio show "Double Exposure" about people protesting logging in British Columbia. Barbara Streisand started singing as part of the demonstration and the trees fell down.

Sunshine On My Shoulders: John Denver was also a terrible singer.

They did a bit on "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" years ago that went something like "Scientists estimate that by the year 2000 many speces of monkies, tigers and parrots will be extinct. In other horrible news John Denver is touring again."

Once while watching CITY-TV, I heard the late great Mark Dailey say "Coming up on Great Movies, it's "The John Denver Story." It's a movie about a down-to-earth country singer who died when his plane suddenly became down-to-earth as well."

Band On The Run: I have the album "Band On The Run." It sucks.

Sundown: I have this album. It sucks.

Rock Your Baby: I have this album, too. It also sucks, but what's interesting is how long the album version of "Rock Your Baby" is.

You're Having My Baby: "You didn't have to keep it" Oh man, this song is so seventies.

I Shot The Sheriff: On "The Fresh Prince Of Bell-aire" I remember Will saying once "OK, Ok. I shot the sheriff, but I _did _not shoot the deputy."

Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Baby: Barry White was such a nigger.

You Ain't Seen Nothin Yet: I have the album with this song. It sucks.

Cat's In The Cradle: This is one of the saddest songs ever.

I was listening to Mix 97 one day during "The All Request Cafe." A guy phoned up requesting "Cat's In The Cradle." When the deejay asked him if he wanted to dedicate the song to anyone, the guy replied, "For my old man."

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Alex Horton said...

After listening to a burned cd with a number of Barry White songs on it, I have revised my view of the late RandB singer. He had some songs that were more romantic and less purely sexual, as well as some songs that encouraged young man (probably more specifically young black men) to essentially be the change they wanted to see.