Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Just for clarification, I am not the Alex Horton who wrote an article about the VA in the Washington Post yesterday. His blog is called Army Of Dude. Thanks for all the attention, though.

If you have information you would like made known, send it to me and I will post it. All contributors will remain annonymous unless they ask for their name to be made known..

In that spirit, below is some information a guy sent me.

I work for a company out of Minnesota that makes penile implants, and for incontinence, the urinary sphincter and males slings. Our products are implanted because a patient has had diabetes or a radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer. The VA in Washington, DC has done 1 or 2 incontinence devices in the past year or so – that’s it. Yet, I see palates of condom catheters on the loading docks. It amazes me that they care so little for the Veterans and I can’t imagine walking around wet all day and what their skin must look like. Let alone how it must affect them emotionally. Why are our Veterans being subjected to wearing condom catheters and diapers?
When women have breast cancer, they are automatically offered reconstructive surgery - even on the other normal, health breast for purposes of symmetry!! But men can’t get a penile implant or an incontinence implant after a prostatectomy when there is nerve damage. What gives with the Washington, VA? Other VAs treat these problems like in Richmond and in Delaware – You would think we would offer the same for our Vets in DC.
Thanks for hearing me out.

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