Wednesday, March 1, 2017


I was listening to "Family Life Today" several weeks ago. They had this pastor's wife on who had written a book about sex. During the interview, it was mentioned that the woman had moved the basinett out of their bedroom when their daughter was six weeks old so they could have sex. This met with the hearty approval of the hosts. I later found an article on the "Family Life Today" website that supported this same position regarding the practice of co-sleeping, or "bed sharing" as I believe Family Life Today called it.

This is just another example of American culture being exported as Christianity. Millions of people around the world co-sleep, and have been co-sleeping for all of history, and still enjoy perfectly healthy sex lives. As if the only way to be intimate is vaginal intercourse, and as if the only place to have sex is on a "marriage bed", and as if the only time to do this is at night.

There was a comment under the article by a guy who agreed with Family Life Today's position, saying co-sleeping had broken up his marriage because it left he and his wife with no time together. Yeah, buddy, blame your children for breaking up your marriage. Stay classy.

Also, you have to make time for sexual and other kinds of intimacy when you co-sleep, or in any marriage in general, given all the busyness of life. Usually, we can accomplish that which we desire most, and something tells me that, in this case, this FLT comenter could have fixed his marriage if he had wanted to.

Third, this couple should have discussed co-sleeping and this comenter should have researched it beforehand. The woman may be the primary caregiver, but you're just as much the parent as she is.

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