Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Hear is my journaling and comments on Patrick Morley's classic Christian book.

- God owns our bodies but we manage them under His authority - hoping my children learn spiritual lessons quicker than I did
- protecting children without insulating them (Regretably, I can't find a single Christian article about this.)

Patrick Morely brings up the whole thing about the woman being unwilling to submit, which of course is a problem. However, it seems like more of a problem with women is that they genuinely want to please a man who ends up being a tyrant to them. It's Beauty and the beast. I believe this is what God's words to the woman in the latter part of Genesis 3 16 mean.

There is a difference between lust versus mere attraction and/or the physical reaction one has to certain stimuli. If I were pressed up against a woman in a taxi on a hot day like Morely was, I would definitely be feeling some things. However, if I am making an efert in Christ to love the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength as well as to love my neighbor as myself, I won't entertain fantasies about that woman for the duration of the cab ride.

- always tithe cheerfully

I would recommend titheing to the person who benefited you the most spiritually in the past week, whether that be your preacher or the Christian friend you had coffee with last week. If Christians did this, then these televangelists couldn't use titheing to guilt trip Christians into sending these preachers their money.

- earn little by little, save, give, stay out of debt (Romans 13 8)

Rather than taking up a Bible reading plan or pledging to spend x-amount of time reading your Bible every day, I would recommend asking God to give you the desire to study His Word. I think you'll be astounded how much you get into the Scriptures if you do this.

The situation with Tom having lunch with another woman is the reason I wouldn't recommend to believers that they attend an institutional church. Rather, seek fellowship with beleivers who truly have a desire for Christ and His Word and ways. This of course won't eliminate the possibility of the situation described in the chapter on anger from occurring but if you surround yourself with such people it should hopefully minimize the chances.

- Seven Sources of Anger: irritations, psychological problems, feeling our rights are violated, feeling misunderstood

I don't agree with accountability groups. If I don't want to change in my heart of hearts, then gathering with a group of men at the crack of dawn once or twice a week isn't going to profit anything. Plus, meeting in a restaurant in a small town like the one in which I reside, our problems would be spread all over town by nightfall.

Also, Patrick Morley, why would the men have to have a plan for the meeting? Can't they just be real with each other in the spirit of Christ's love and compassion?

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