Friday, March 13, 2015


Sad  news....
The series of  events known as ‘Kitchen Party at the Train Station’ has been cancelled. There  will be no March 13th performance.
Although we  collaborated with the Stirling Rotary Club to create and run 2 very successful  ‘Kitchen Party’ events at the Stirling Grand Trunk Railway Station (last  November and this February), unfortunately our partnership with Stirling Rotary  did not work out for the longer term. We appreciate the terrific audience  support for the musicians who played on stage at  these events and the many kind words we have heard for the show we envisioned  and brought together.
We are looking at  other venues that may welcome our high-quality open-stage event to showcase the  ability of local musicians. We’ll be sharing information by email as it becomes  available. Watch the Facebook page – ‘BV Amazing Music’ – for  developments.
On behalf of all  who contributed to make this project possible,
Thank you, and  please stay in touch for news of future projects.
James  Reid

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