Friday, September 5, 2014


A veteran of the New York music scene, Chancius honed his live performance skills playing to crowds in the New York City subway system where he first started selling homemade demos. Fans of his music began to recognize him on the street as the subway musician with the striking vocals and memorable song lyrics. It was at this point that Chancius lent his vocals and song writing skills to the electro-rock outfit Automatic Duo. During his tenure as front man, Chancius toured towns and cities up and down the east coast. His soon to be released LP Bando is an 11 song an album that tells a tale of self-discovery and the meaning of being human in the 21st century.


 Throughout the album, the echoing influences of David Bowie, The Killers  and Flaming Lips can be heard weaved into Chancius' original songs. The single “A Piece of You Wherever I Go” is a catchy upbeat tune filled with dreamy guitar harmonies alongside mid-century battle styled drumming patterns. The track's lighthearted lyrics call to mind the everyday things that we tend to take for granted.


 Bando is an alternative rock concept album (a sci-fi opera if you will) centered around a character who in the process of cheating death, discovers what it means to survive beyond. The album's examination of what humanity means allowed Chancius to step out of his comfort zone when it came to writing and recording all the material. Instead of solely relying on his guitar to bring his songs to life, he decided to bring in his guitar as an accent piece after he had laid down multiple instrumental parts. “I wanted there to be some kind of continuity," says Chancius, “which meant looking at the story that I wanted to tell as a whole and then deciding what pieces needed to be fleshed out and in what order did they work the best in”.

 Chancius’ album Bando will be available September 23rd.


 Lyrically, "A Piece of You Whereever I Go" is excellent and musically it is wonderful.
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