Wednesday, April 16, 2014


This year I decided to celebrate Passover. I had tried to celebrate it last year but wasn't very successful.
Saturday night when I went to my mother's house for dinner we had lambchops. She gave me one for lunch the next day. I saved it and ate it Sunday night along with a clove of garlic for the bitter herb. I also took communion, Jesus being our Passover lamb.
I took Monday off from doing what I normally do and spent some time thinking about Jesus sacrificing himself for our sins. I listened to a song about that and read the accounts of Christ's death in Matthew and John.
I am also making an effert to celebrate the feast of unleavened bread. I went down to the grocery store this morning and bought some tortilla shells. I have been eating them today at lunch and dinner in place of regular bread. I didn't at first think I could eat any unleavened bread this year but then God opened up to me the idea of buying the tortilla shells.
Also, I have been trying to think about getting sin out of my life and the nature of how we grow in Christ along with the physical part of this feast.
I will be covertly celebrating the Day of the Firstfruits Sunday at my local church while everyone around me is celebrating Easter.
In the future, I hope to find other people with whom I can celebrate God's feasts.


Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

A form of Judaism is trying to make another big push into the Christian community. I hope you do not fall prey to this trap, which includes the observance of certain feasts and festivals in order to be in good standing with our Heavenly Father.

Alex Horton said...

I am not keeping them for salvation but because I want to.

Plus, if something was instituted by God for His people for all time then we should keep it.