Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Was listening to WBCQ 7490 Sunday night till sign-off at midnight with violin-heavy instrumental version of Daftpunk "Get Lucky." Signal excellent.

Signal fair to good on WBCQ 5110 Sunday night listening to Plastic Magic.

I see by WWCR's latest schedule that Gene Scott and his widow are no longer on that station 24 hours a day: just 21 hours Monday-Friday, 22 hours Saturday and all day Sunday. Also Brother Stair is on Transmitter Four less than in his heyday in the nineties.

So George is going to host "Hockey Night in Canada" even though he doesn't know anything about sports. Also, he and Don Cherry are probably polar opposites on most issues.

Ben Swan seems like a fairly good talk show host from the half hour or so I listened to him today.

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