Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I can tell you that it is a blessing to attend an ethnically diverse church. Potlucks are showcases of things like spring rolls, rice and beans, tortillas, and so very much more.

One of my brothers said it best when he spoke of the church. He said it was an education for his young daughters.

I didn't think much of it until I heard about a Bible study going on at a former friend's apartment building. The study was saying that the mixing of the races was wrong, and that it's better to stay within your own kind.

I thought to myself of that comment my brother in Christ made, and came up with this. When we are praising God sees not color, but the common goal to glorify His name.

Ms. Gillie


Alex Horton said...

Don't get me wrong, all peoples can come together in fellowship of Christ and salvation is open to all no matter the colour of their skin. However, I always get wary when people talk about how ethnically diverse their church is because it seems too much like the world's gospel of political correctness which has infiltrated the churches these days.

I think I would have liked to go to that Bible study because that guy and I would have probably agreed on a number of things.

I, too, believe the mixing of the races is wrong in certain contexts. I have had great fellowship with brothers and sisters of other races but I don't know that I would like to attend a church that was too ethnically diverse: everybody going, "Oh, look at how multicultural we are, come complete our rainbow." Not saying I'd never do it, though.

I am against interracial dating and marriage to a large extent, though I realize it is not totally forbidden by God.

I also think the different peoples should divide along ethnic lines, as the Bible prophesys will happen one day.

In Acts 17 it says that God sets the borders for the nations and divides them from each other.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

You might keep a close eye on that Bible study group you mentioned. For the Bible is used as the basis for many a white supremacist doctrine, and claiming to just be against race-mixing is employed to hide what is really in their hearts.

Alex Horton said...

I definitely agree it can be a cloak for some ungodly doctrines such as being saved by race as opposed to being saved by grace or teaching that one race is superior i.e. less sinful than another.