Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Came across a channel on YouTube today which I at first thought was really great. It is called Stigma Warriors and features a young, blind, incontinent girl named Sabrina or Serena or something talking about her problems and various other stigmas in society. Sad to say, though, it turns out Stigma Warriors is a liar and a hypocrite, as evidenced by this video.

Now, I am not one to say that every reason for being an ab or dl is OK. Personally, if your fetish stems from horrific child abuse, a better option would be to first and foremost seek a proper relationship with Jesus Christ (Acts 2 38), as well as possibly getting some professional mental help. Likewise, if you're adult baby or diaperlover fetish stems from arrested development, you might want to get some less professional mental health counseling.

Having said that, in between horrific child abuse and arrested development is a huge gray area encompassing all the other reasons why a person might have and practice these fetishes. On the whole, if it is something which the person keeps under control and does not involve anything that would break God's commandments or could easily lead one to sin, I see nothing wrong with it and view it as acceptable.

Abdls have to deal with such misperceptions as people thinking they're pedophiles, people such as this woman thinking they don't want adult responsibilities, people thinking all abdls are child molestation victims, and other erroneous ideas. Therefore, we see that Stigma Warriors is only concerned about destroying the stigmas she is comfortable with. It's just like all these Christian blogs I visit and comment on: they say they are interested in the truth of God alone, but when you bring up Biblical things those particular bloggers are uncomfortable with, they don't want anything to do with you. Or, it is like these so-called truthers, who say they are into the truth about 9/11 and everything else, but when you bring up Jewish involvement in world affairs, that's a truth they're not comfortable with.

Incidentally, Sabrina-Serena, why don't you do a video about perceived "anti-Semites" and the stigma we face? That just might get me watching you further.

Look, Serena-Sabrina, I can appreciate that you deal with your continence problems by being as grown up and independent as possible. I think that can be a very effective way of managing your own feelings about it as well as destroying a societal stigma surrounding it which does indeed need to be destroyed. However, if another incontinent person wants to deal with the same condition by being babied in the privacy of their own home because this condition brings up feelings of babyhood or the desire to be cared for than who are you to talk against that.

Incidentally, I don't think incontinent abdls are ruining your precious cause and keeping the rest of those with this condition down. Most people will never look up abdl on the internet or encounter anyone in real life whom they know to be an adult baby or diaperlover. If babyishness is associated with incontinence at all then it's probably because of the misconception that only babies and elderly people only ever wear diapers. Besides, do you really think you're that important?*

As well, your scornful laughter has no place in the overall conversation about these issues. As said above, if someone is participating in the adult baby or diaper lover fetishes for gray area reasons, who are you to bash that? If it's a matter of doing it to cope with horrific experiences or due to arrested development, than these people need our understanding and sympathy. Things such as child abuse and not having the confidence instilled in you to face the adult world are in themselves still huge social stigmas. Just because you've obviously had loving parents who taught you that blindness was no obstacle and just because you've had friends with whom you can freely talk about your incontinence does not give you the right to belittle those in both camps (the blind and the incontinent) who have not been nearly as fortunate.

*I don't have any continence problems but was watching this woman's videos due to my interest in different lifestyles and certain fetishes I have.


Anonymous said...

I call myself accepted giant on Youtube. I am a AB/DL myself and I am also incontinent and have Asperger syndrome(a form of autism). Most of the time I don't talk to other people well because of this. I was coming down on Reina Grosvalet a lot about her video ridiculing Ab/DL's in general. I did want to say that I simply knew no better words to describe her problem in such a way that was not going to look insulting because of my having Asperger's syndrome. I intend to use this message you posted online to show Reina Grosvalet what I really wanted to say because it is most likely more constructive then anything I said so far.

Alex Horton said...

Thank you so much! I'll check out your YouTube channel.

Alex Horton said...

Please provide me with a link when you get it posted.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to one of her video's showing a link that I personally posted showing her this blog.

Also I should give you a heads up. Some liar named dick buttington is lying about how you and me are the same person. In reality we both know I just randomly found this blog (and you) on the internet but this liar dick buttington who probably has multiple accounts is claiming falsely I'm Alex Horton.
Obviously this is not true. So I challenged dick to go find you Alex so I can prove that I am a completely different person. Basically I want you to call me over the phone if they actually think I was bluffing and let me handle this.

You just focus on Reina Grosvalet because while she is a hypocrite for thinking that only a few AB/DL's can represent our community. Reina does in fact have some good ideas that I actually like. I just want her to set a better example because she is clearly a toxic person who needs help that I simply can't provide.

Alex Horton said...

Thank you very much. Feel free to email me your phone number if you need to.