Tuesday, May 29, 2012


This is the first in a series of commentaries on a video series put out by It Is Written Television in 2002. This post will discuss the second session on the first video entitled "Signs Of The Times" or something.

Earthquakes: Saying for the sake of argument we're having as many severe earthquakes as we've ever had (due to inaccurate measurement, lack of record keeping, primitive communication in previous centuries, and much of the world not having been discovered yet) earthquakes affect the world more than they ever have before. This is because everything is globalized these days. Before, an earthquake in China would have consequences only for the people living in that area. Nowadays, an earthquake in China means fewer apples in North American supermarkets because many tons of apples are imported from China.

Famins: Even not taking into account the fact that more and more of the world's erreable land is being given over to development, we're having a global famine on a scale we've never seen before. We're eating more food than we can produce each year. Also, there have been multiple large-scale crop failures in the past few years.

Pestilences: West Nile, bird flu, swine flu, superbugs, flesh eating disease nothing. In the 21st-century we're facing epidemics of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, auto imune disorders, and many other sicknesses. This problem isn't limited to Western society but is becoming widespread across the world as countries adopt the Western lifestyle.

Moral Decay: There is nothing new under the sun and we've always had the sins we have today, but now it is possible to sin more than ever before. Homosexuality has always existed but now it is possible to create fictional TV series featuring homosexual couples created by the writers and producer. People can now watch sinful acts on television, computers and smart phones, and have access to multiple means of recording them and viewing them over and over.

The Gospel Going Throughout The World: Not only the good news of Jesus Christ's death and resurrection is being proclaimed in all parts of this planet, but the Gospel of the kingdom of Heaven. Time for me to help spread it:

Jesus Christ is coming in our lifetime. Sincerely prepare to meet God. (Acts 2 38)

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