Friday, May 25, 2012


“I'm goin' where the sun keeps shinin'

Through the pouring rain

Goin' where the weather suits my clothes

Bankin' off of the northeast wind

Sailing on a summer breeze

Skippin' over the ocean like a stone....”

“Everybody’s Talking” – Fred Neil

Yeah, ....where the sun keeps shinin’ through the pouring rain. Must be the gardener in me coming out. Not to disappoint all the happy ‘summer weather people’, but we could use a bit of that ‘pouring rain’. These lyrics seemed like the perfect compromise!

But rain or shine....

Why don’t you get your axe together and hustle on down to Amazing Coffee (in Madoc) this Sunday afternoon for 2 o’clock! We’ll be looking out for you.

It’s a good bunch of people playing all kinds of music together. Happens this Sunday (and every Sunday) afternoon.

Come and join us! Bring your instruments, your voices and your songs. We'll be starting up the tunes around 2 in the afternoon and running until 4 pm or after.'The Coffee' is on the corner of Russel St. and Prince Albert just a couple of blocks south of Hwy 7. Highway 62 (Russel St.) runs right past the door!


It's all unplugged and it's all good! We've had guitars and basses and harmonicas and banjos and mandolins and ukuleles and fiddles and accordions and flutes and saxophones and a dobro and a harpist with a reallynice celtic harp. (Check out the pictures.) There's a piano over in the corner that's fairly much in tune and a drummer sometimes turns up playing a snare with soft nylon brushes (not too loud, sounds just right...) Some people sing to their own instrumental accompaniment, some singers bring an accompanist with them and there is one absolutely fabulous vocalist (yes, that’s you Carol....) who sings a cappella with heart, passion and soul so rich and vibrant that the even the coffee grinder behind the bar falls silent! Conga drums set-up in the parking lot....

Could be only 4 or 5 of us; might be a whole room full of musicians. This group has a place for ‘first-timers’ and experienced players alike. Musicians range from people in their teens all the way through proto-geezers and even an incipient-geriat or two....


The music is just terrific; good tunes you may have heard before and a songwriter or two (or three, or four or more) who keep on amazing us all with their talent. Never know who will be there but it's always worth coming out and joining in.

2012_03040008The Amazing Coffee serves tea, coffee, espresso, latte, cappuccino, chocolate – you name it – and the food at ‘The Coffee’ is quite excellent too.

Thanks to everyone who comes out to play music together, "bringing it all back home". Thanks to Tony Long, the proprietor at the Amazing Coffee for giving us this space to play our tunes every week. And thanks to Sarah, the fabulous lady behind the bar!

Welcome new faces, familiar ones and small faces too. And welcome to all the people whose pleasure it is to stop by 'the Coffee' on Sunday afternoons and listen to the music while they sip their coffees, enjoy their sandwiches and pastries, use the high-speed internet...

Share a song or two, or several...

Come on out this Sunday aft and "get yer lovin' spoonful". Help us make just a spoonful of Amazing Coffee worth 2 or 3 cups of that other stuff from up the road.

James Reid

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