Monday, February 13, 2012


I believe the King James Bible is the Bible for the English-speaking world. Reasons for this include the 17th-century scholars superior knowledge of Hebrew and Greek, as well as fruit such as its influence on our vocabulary and the number of revivals it has sparked.

People will tell you the KJV is hard to understand. While it uses words and employs meanings of words that aren't used today, a good concordence and an older dictionary will greatly aid you in understanding the text.

People will say better copies of Hebrew and Greek manuscripts have been found. I frankly can't speak to this, except to say that if the manuscripts used by the AV translators are so crummy, why does it make so much sense?

Most importantly, though, you can dispute the quality of the manuscripts, you can dispute the committie's abilities at their appointed task, but the fact remains; if God is truly omnipotent and omniscient, then he is able to preserve his word as the Bible says he is. However, if there has never actually been a 100 percent correct version of the word of God in English, the most widely used language in the world, then this makes God a doofus who is incapable of even handing down a correct translation of His word throughout the millenia, and who is thus certainly not worthy of our worship, adoration, trust, hope, and faith.

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