Saturday, January 7, 2012


Listened to "The Irrelevant Show" on CBC this morning. It was just as tedious as ever. "Oooh, a homeschooled validictorian, that should be funny. A man who was really a moose. That should be funny, that should be funny."

Also listened to "Under The Influence" on CBC this morning. It is every bit as good as "The Age Of Persuasion." Found the first episode particularly informative.

Listened to "I Sing" on WBCQ this afternoon. Basically a feed from an internet radio station run by Rod Hembrey. Not tight at all. At least throw some Ids in there to bridge the gap between songs.

Noticed Truth For The World has another broadcast on WWCR at 4:15 Eastern on 7465.

Was listening to 680 News a little while ago and noticed a station under it playing either oldies or country.

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