Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Really, the Jehova’s Witnesses have no credibility.

First, they need their own translation of the Bible (New World Translation) in order to back up their doctrines. I only use the King James Bible, but I can prove the basic doctrines of Christianity from the New International Version or other translations. I sometimes feel like saying to them, “OK, I’ll listen to you; just use this King James Bible to prove what you’re saying.”

The second reason why the Jehova’s Witnesses (or Jehova’s Witlesses as my uncle calls them) have no credibility is because the Watchtower Society has predicted the end of the world 14 times and as far as I know it hasn’t happned. The Bible says if someone prophesies something and it comes true, then they are a true prophet of God. If the prediction doesn’t prove true, then they are a false prophet and deserve the penalty prescribed for false prophets in the same passage.

The teaching that homosexuality and beastiality aren’t adultery sounds like what the Jews teach in their Talmud.

Another aspect of Jehova’s Witnesses I have noticed over the years is they seem to have this emphasis on their appearance, homes and other aspects of their lives being perfect. This is rather disturbing. Humans can’t be perfect.

Another thing is they don’t think about things with regards to religion. The most tragic thing about them is they’re not allowed to read anything critical of their faith. Not even the Catholic church goes quite that far. They’re also not allowed to know about all the doctrinal changes made by the Watchtower Society over the years. Again, the Church of Rome doesn’t even oppress its people that much.

New World Translation, New World Order; is there a connection?

Another thing that bugs me about Jehova’s Witnesses (as it does pretty much everyone who has ever encountered them) is the door knocking. Jesus didn’t tell his followers to go door to door spreading the Gospel. He told his disciples in Mathew 10 to go into a house and have fellowship with the people. Find out what their needs were first, then they could better preach the Gospel. In Acts, Paul would go into a city and head for the synagogue or where the philosophers hung out. This is because the people who frequented these places had religion and philosophy as two of their primary interests. He didn’t go door to door getting sworn at and chased by dogs; he took his message to the people who would be most interested in it. Those who received then told their friends who weren’t interested in religion about this wonderful new truth they’d discovered, and the Good News spread from there.

It bothers me that other denominations (Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons, some Baptist churches I have heard about) do this “witnessing” as well. Haven’t you learned? People don’t like Jehova’s Witnesses. What makes you think people will appreciate you doing the same thing with a different message. Get to know people instead in order to evangelise them. Pray for opportunities. Don’t just go door to door bothering people. It frustrates them and you.

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