Monday, January 16, 2012


A good book on the subject of Islam is “The Islamic Invasion” by Robert Morey. It reveals, for example, how Mohammed may have had epilepsy. It also reveals that when he supposedly got a revelation from Alla, Mohammed would have someone write it down on whatever was handy: leaves, stones, etc.

“The Islamic Invasion” also reveals how Mohammed listened to Jewish and Christian traders telling stories from the Bible. He got the stories mixed up and later wrote the mixed-up versions down. After all, since Mohammed was illiterate, he couldn’t take notes right there sitting around the fire.

Alla is not another name for God. Rather, it is the name of a previous Arabian pagan god.

Any discussion of 9/11 must take into account the fact Islamic terrorists weren’t responsible for it.

We do not want to minimize the elements of radical Islam which are out there. It’s just that most of these so-called “terrorist attempts” have had the U.S. government behind them.

It’s bucking funny Beverly and others call Palestinian groups terrorist (though, granted, they do have some terroristic elements.) These little Arab boys throwing stones are supposed to be terrorists but the Israelis with their gunships and other sophisticated weaponry who treat the Palestinians abominably are portrayed as the innocent victims in all of this.

The majority of Moslems are good people. It’s just stupid that there are people who think they’re all terrorists.

It was the British government that radicalized the Wahabyists to create the Islamic terrorist element in the first place.

Ramadan gets earlier and earlier every year. What are Moslems going to do when it falls on the summer solstice?

Ah yes, Osama Bin Laden making his threats against the United States after September 11. He got younger and younger each time a new video tape appeared.

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