Thursday, January 5, 2012


Hinduism says people can imagine God as anything they want, yet the various Hindu sects are always fighting.

See my post on Buddhism for my thoughts on kharma and vegetarianism.

A Catholic priest who was a missionary to India once said of Hinduism, “This is the most horrible religion on earth.”

Hinduism has many horrible things, from the caste system to the burning brides to many other things.

Christians should not practice yoga. It is not just a matter of personal feelings. Yoga is inherently bound up with the teachings of Hinduism. You can’t take something that is an integral part of another religion and say it is all right for a Christian to take part in it.

I guess all the poor people are just supposed to imagine their bodies aren’t running with sores. Before too long, they’ll have tables and chickens growing out of their arms.

Hindus have the festival of Holi, where the men get really drunk and are then “possessed” by the gods. Thus, anything they do while under the gods influence is OK, including raping the women. Oh, how convenient!

In certain ways, Hindus have commercialized their holidays just as much as we in the west have ours. I was listening to an Indian radio station (from Toronto) in November and they had lots of commercials involving Davali sales.

Hinduism holds the cow is sacred, yet there are Hindus who beat their cows and where leather shoes.

Really, it is just what Satan always says to people, that a hyuman is his own god. You can become a god was the serpent’s lie to Eve in the garden of Eden and it continues in popularity to this day.

Your gods are ugly, too. They are also spiteful and capricious.

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