Monday, January 23, 2012


Bill Cannon WHOT Fall 1975: Interesting mention in the first commercial about the recent striking down of “fair trade laws.”

A commercial for a sterio store where the guy voicing it (probably the store owner) keeps popping his ps.

Makes light of a shooting that occurred near the station a few hours previously.

Interesting how they had a progressive rock show overnight on their Fm station and another kind of show on their Am station.

Johnny Sharpe WQRC-FM 1986: Back when Top 40 stations really connected with their audiences. Sharpe plays all the hits of 1986 and chats with callers, finding out what various things they’re up to late at night.

Tom Collins WSNI year unknown: An all-Beatles and Motown station? I bet that didn’t last long.

WPGR year unknown: A recording of a crummy automated oldies station. Contains a live weather forecast. The guy who voiced that shift on WPGR probably came into the WPGR studio and did the forecast before going back to the other station in the cluster he jocked live all the time.

Dennis John Cahill WFIL March 8 1984: Says he’ll have a list of cancellations after a song, then plays another song before getting to the aforementioned cancellations.

These airchecks are available on YouTube.

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