Thursday, December 22, 2011


A group in British Columbia is raising an outcry against smart meters because of electromagnetic output and privacy concerns. You got rid of the HST in your province, BC, hopefully you can do something about smart meters.

There was a story on "The World At Six" tonight about Christmas celebrations at a refugee centre in Toronto. Newly arrived displaced people from many different countries gathered to sing carols, eat turkey and receive a visit from Santa Clause. You hear all this stuff about people of other religions complaining about Canadians celebrating Christmas, but there were people from all over the world celebrating at this centre, many I suspect who weren't Christians. Therefore, what's the problem with the open observance of Canadian Christmas traditions? I realize this is dialectical because Christmas is a pagan holiday but its still something to think about.

Also on "The World At Six", there was a story about Mennonites in Israel celebrating Christmas. How do Mennonites in that country get around Israel's law requiring compulsory military service?

Farmers in Georgia are hiring security for there pican farms after an increase in thefts in nuts lying on the ground. If the picans are lying on the ground, poor people have a right to glean them according to God's law.

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