Thursday, December 29, 2011


Bombings took place Christmas Day outside of churches across Nigeria. A radical Moslem group has claimed responsibility, but you can bet the U.S. government was really behind it.

There has been a rash of Twitter users complaining about what they got for Christmas, even going so far as to grumble they don't like the colour of their new IPad. Economic downturn not hitting you hard enough yet?

New regulations for children's carseats come into effect in Canada in a couple days. An infant is redefined by weight and the weight at which a child should remain in a carseat has been increased. I guess some Jew carseat manufacturer has been lobbying the government again.

Oh, you thought that last remark was offensive? Well, I might also ad that I think certain politicians get sexually aroused at the thought of increasingly older children in carseats.

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