Tuesday, December 6, 2011


So I guess today is the anniversary of the Montreal masacre in four part harmony. One crazy guy kills 14 women because his girlfriend broke up with him and the entire (white) male population gets blamed for it. Today we'll have to hear all this stuff about violence against women. Beating someone up or murdering someone is wrong, whether the victim is male or female.

Are all these stories in the news lately about poor living conditions on Native reserves designed to give us a taste of what living conditions will be like for non-Natives in the future?

A new study shows chewing gum can improve mental performance. Gum chewing is disgusting: someone's jaws going up and down, up and down. Also, gum is a total waste. You open the package and throw the wrapping away. You unwrap a stick of gum and throw the wrapper away. When you're done with the gum, you spit it out. The entire product ends up getting thrown in the garbage.

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