Friday, December 2, 2011


This makes me think of that thing off “The Simpsons.”

Side Show Bob: Homer, you’re forgetting the first two Noble Truths of Buddha.
Homer: I am not.

So, on the one hand, Buddhism says there is no God, yet on the other hand, Buddhists say Gautama’s mother and horse are a goddess and god respectively.

Any way you look at it, Buddhists worship a man who walked out on his family. Additionally, at the end of his life, Gautama said “I am still looking for truth.”

As for the idea of kharma, if you beat your wife, you’ll come back as a wife who is beaten. Thus there must always be bad people who will give back what those bad people got in a previous life. Then, they will in turn have to be victims of the same maltreatment in the next life. The cycle can never be broken, then.

It seems like Christianity is turning into Buddhism these days. “Well, this life is just suffering, brother, but it’ll all be better on the other side.”

“People of all religions or no religion are following their own way to Jesus. They may not believe in Him but they have their own way to salvation.” See Billy Graham and Robert Schuller for proof of the preceding belief in Christianity.

“Brother, just accept whatever happens and don’t use violence against any evil person. Just have compassion and don’t speak angrily or harshly to anyone. Always talk in a sachriny sweet voice and completely “gentle” manner. That’s what the Bible says, ya know.”

Buddhists can’t eat any meat. Thus you have all these Buddhist countries full of farm animals that are eating up food stuffs that could be consumed by humans. This is why the people in these countries are starving: because of their religion.

This book tells how the Chinese Communists treat the Buddhist monks and nuns in Tibet; and China is going to be the dominant world power in a few years.

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