Thursday, December 1, 2011


This is the first in what I hope will be a series about the religions of the world. As a guide, I am using “Nelson’s Illustrated Guide To Religion” by James A. Beverly, published in 2009 by Thomas Nelson, so this will be a sort of commentary on the book as well.

Though “Nelson’s Illustrated Guide To Religion” starts by talking about the Baha’I faith, I have chosen to talk about the Branch Davidians first because I have more to write concerning them.

First, notice how subtle this book is. It starts by talking about how David Koresh had beliefs that would make him an outsider. In today’s culture, an outsider is someone to be avoided and perhaps even gotten rid of. It then talks about Koresh’s daliances with underage girls, then presents a Q and A about Waco, which attempts to shift a lot of the blame off the FBI.

Notice how, in the boxed item containing an exerpt of the Freedom magazine interview with David Thibideau, the author wants you to focus on Koresh’s sexual sins, rather than Thibideau’s question about whether said sins and other beliefs were enough to justify the FBI doing what they did.

Beverly says “conspiracy theories” about Waco “deserve little respect” (even though the guy’s probably a Judao-Christian and I thought they loved and respected everything?) because of Koresh’s “utter commitment to his beliefs and to government agents bungling the case.”

First of all, what does Koresh’s commitment to his beliefs have to do with people at the highest levels of government knowing about, and indeed, ordering the massacre?

Second, if the intent was to kill the Branch Davidians because they were different from mainstream society, then it can hardly be said the FBI bungled the case at all.

The intent of Waco was exactly as stated above. In order to put the new world order in place, the people behind it will have to eliminate everyone who is different; everyone who thinks, acts or lives differently than the masses. Waco was a warning from these one worlders that “You better not try to live self-sufficiently or believe things different than we tell you to believe.”

Waco was also a blood sacrifice. It took place on April 19, a high holy day in the Satanic calendar.

Let me be clear. I do not agree with Koresh’s beliefs or his sleeping with underage girls. It seems to me he was a false Christ, which is of course wrong. However, these things were not reason enough to justify the FBI coming in and killing all those people, including innocent women and children.

Additionally, why did the FBI have to get involved in a case involving so-called “illegal weapons.” It’s my understanding that’s the BATF’s jurisdiction, and it surely didn’t mandate burning the place down and massacring people just because Koresh wouldn’t surrender and give himself up to the Feds for possessing such objects.

There is a bit of a silver lining to the Waco incident, however. When the Branch Davidians were fighting with the FBI that dreadful morning, Koresh and his followers were winning. The FBI then called a truce so they could collect their wounded agents. The Branch Davidians agreed to this. That’s when the FBI came in and it really went down. This shows that, we on the right side can win if we want to.

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