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By Robert Shaw. New York: Harper, 2003.

Stricken Children, Stricken Families: The main reason our kids are so messed up these days is because of people like the author, namely psychiatrists. We eliminated God from our society roughly 100 years ago. People then had to find other answers for why we do what we do, and they turned to Sigmund Freud and psychiatry.

Teaching Your Child To Love: I don’t agree with the way a lot of parents talk down to their little children, but there is a definite gentleness in the voice that parents seem to, and should have.

If a mother found she didn’t like being home with her baby all day after she had him, did she really have him for the right reasons?

God is love. Without Jesus Christ, we cannot truly love.

Starting Down The Right Path: Again, the reason modern parenting practices are so messed up is because of the parenting experts and psychiatrists. When we eliminated God from our society, there were no more moral absolutes and no right or wrong way to do anything. Now, everybody just follows their heart. However, the Book of Jeremiah says “the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked in all its ways who can know it”

Judges 21 25: “and in that day Israel had no king and every man did that which was right in the sight of his own eyes”

There is only truth or lies.

As far as breast versus bottle feeding is concerned, breastfeeding is best. I am not directing my criticism at mothers who wanted to breastfeed but couldn’t for whatever reasons. Indeed, I sympathize with you. However, as far as the other mothers are concerned, the fact remains there is a right way and a wrong way and breastfeeding is the right way.

As far as co-sleeping (no, Shaw, it is called co-sleeping, not the family bed), how is sleeping in the same bed with your child making her the centre of the universe?

As for your question about intimacy, do you really think the only place to have sex is in bed at night?

With regards to co-sleeping being detrimental for the child learning to sooth herself, parents who practice co-sleeping can still allow for a bit of fussiness. Just check the vitals, such as whether or not they’re feverish, whether they are too hot or cold and whether they need to be potted; then, if none of these things are a problem, reassure the child that everything is all right and let them be.

As for your remarks about the ease of these children transitioning into their own beds, from what I’ve read, children who have participated in co-sleeping transition into their own beds quite well if the transition is managed right. There may be some initial fussing upon first putting them in their own bed, but the children will adjust quickly because co-sleeping has left them secure in the knowledge that their parents are there.

Concerning toilet training, this is a nonissue. Elimination communication should be practised.

The Truth and Consequences of Child Care: Daycare was always a new world order thing. The idea from the outset was to get the children away from their parents. That way the children would grow up detached and with, as Shaw correctly points out, great difficulty or inability in forming relationships. This would prepare them to be the kind of people who would readily kill those who will not accept the mark of the beast.

Shaw contradicts himself. In Chapter 1 he presents telecommuting as a poor option because mothers can end up working as much at home as they did at the office. Yet, in this chapter, Shaw presents it as a good option for mothers who want to stay home with their babies.

A daycare or nanny is no substitute for a mother. Daycares, in many respects, are like the orphanages in the Soviet Union. The workers are paid by the Party, so to speak. They can’t care about a child in the same way you can as a mother.

In fact, I believe many of them don’t care for children at all. Rather, there are those in the child care field who are in it to hurt children. Think about it. If you like a particular thing, you would gravitate toward a career that has to do with that thing. Thus, if you hated children and liked to hurt them, you would get a job at a daycare or perhaps even as a nanny so you could do just such a thing.

Mothers should try to stay home with their children. There are several options for things that can be done at home to earn money.

Christian mothers who want to stay home with their children but who don’t think they can due to financial difficulties need to remember Philippians 4 3. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthenith me” You Christian mothers need to stand on this verse and take it to heart. Repeat it to yourselves several times a day even.

For you see, Christians really can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. If someday we need to fly an airplane, Christ will give us the ability to fly that plane, even though we might never have had a single flying lesson. Thus, Christ will give a Christian mother who wants to stay home with her children the ability to do so. Even though it seems impossible due to inadequate finances or whatever, if you have faith and look to Almighty God, it will happen.

Another aspect of the whole child care dynamic has to do with absentee parents. These bucking people have children out of perceived societal obligation or whatever other reason it may be, but they never truly wanted to have a child. It puts me in mind of Malachi 4 6. God will truly have to set the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers, or he surely will come and smite this planet with a curse.

Whose House Is This Anyway?: If you aren’t going to acknowledge God, why not have your kids be in charge of the household?

This is what happens when we forsake God. Isaiah 1 says “your children oppress you and your women rule over you.”

If an infant throws food on the floor for whatever reason, have them help clean it up. This will teach them responsibility.

Raising Moral Children in A Valueless World: Again, the reason we’re living in a valueless society is because of psychology. We eliminated God and Christianity. It was replaced with secular humanism, which teaches that each individual should look inside themselves to find there truth and follow that path to personal self-fulfillment. In other words, if it feels good, do it.

The reason for all the immoral garbage that’s on TV goes back to that verse in Jeremiah where it lists all the problems God’s people were having at the time and ends with the words “and you love to have it so.”

I wouldn’t quote Arianna Huffington on anything regarding morals, seeing as how she dumped that billionaire after he lost the election.

Shaw says values are “the values we all hold dear.” I’ve known some people who held dear some values that no one should imitate. It’s the same thing with all these people who talk about family values. Which family values is it? Is it the Manson family values? Is it the Adams family values? Is it the album “Family Values” by Korn?

Actually, I would skip the polio vaccine. Vaccinations are dangerous and that’s well documented, in research, as well as statistically and anecdotally.

Bill Gates is wrong. There is starting to no longer be any such thing as loosing or failure in our society. Your corporation not doing well because you cooked the books and didn’t spend your revenue properly? Just get the government to give you a bail-out. Then, waste that money and get more government cash. “I’m too screwed up to fail.”

You watch. This self-esteem garbage that has polluted our public schools and has done away with the so necessary concepts of winning and losing, of success and failure, will permeate our society before too long and make society just as messed up and worthless as our public schools.

“I know Jimmy is a totally incompetent employee who puts the lives of his co-workers and customers at risk several times on a daily basis, but how dare you ask me to fire him! That would wreck his self-esteem.”

This thinking will spread to the skilled trades as it has already spread to the skilled trade’s classes in schools. As a result, we will have buildings and infrastructure that is just as crummy as that found in a third world country.

It has already spread to the music industry. The artists on the radio these days have no talent, but nobody along their journey to success could tell them they had no talent because they had to protect the singer’s sense of self-actualization.

Don’t Touch That Dial!: The flicker rate for television was set by the Pentagon in 1967 so that it would mesmerise people.

The Parents Television Council are a bunch of busybodies. They complain about shows that have been cancelled or that networks are burning off the episodes. They presume Americans want Godly television shows, but if that were the case, people wouldn’t be watching the very garbage the PTC complains about.

Out Of Contact, Out Of Control: How can parents take a firm stance with their teenagers on things like alcohol and sex when they don’t have a good moral centre in Christ themselves?

As I always say, you can’t properly raise children without Jesus Christ.

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