Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Watched the trailer for "Courageous" yesterday.

"Courageous" is from the same people who brought you "Fireproof", a movie supposedly about firefighting but in actuality about a guy dealing with his failures as a husband.

"Courageous" is different, in that it is about cops, but in actuality is about a group of guys dealing with their failure as fathers.

What's so incidious about movies like this is they suck guys in with stuff like firefighting and police work, but are really, like most things in the church these days, geared to women.

What about a movie about a rookie cop who's a Christian. He gets tagged with a corrupt older partner on a mostly corrupt force. He's tempted to take bribes and use unnecissary force like his fellow officers, but doesn't give in.

Instead of "Fireproof", how about a movie about a Christian fireman who has to deal with things like rescuing people from burning buildings and instead of being grateful for being saved the people are swearing at him for not getting to them quickly enough. I bet someone producing a movie like that could find lots of things a Christian firefighter would have to face that would challenge him and ultimately bring him closer to God and strengthen his faith.

By the way, YouTube, could you not put advertisements before movie trailers, please. I am already asking to be advertised to by the producers of the film whose trailer I am looking up, I don't need you inserting additional commercials before the one for the movie.

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