Sunday, November 27, 2011


U.S. retailers say the number of people who participated in Black Friday was the highest ever. Joke's on these big corporations, though. They won't see most of the money they took in on Friday because most people probably bought on credit. Knowing how much debt the average person is in, I doubt these shoppers will be able to pay their bills when the time comes.

So camping out to buy stuff is OK, but camping out to protest corporate greed (even if most of the Occupyers are loosers) is not? Get your buckin heads screwed on, people!

Lots of chaos on Black Friday, with an LA woman pepper spraying fellow shoppers, a four year old in a Safeway being handcuffed by security for eating some merchandise (probably because his parents skipped Thanksgiving dinner to be ready for the deals), people fighting over bedding, and probably a whole lot of other craziness. Whatever happened, I just hope I don't get trampled on Cyber Monday.

On a day that was supposed to be about being thankful for what you have, Americans were shopping online or spending hours in parking lots waiting to buy more stuff.

Massachusits is considering relaxing a law that requires bike helmets, probably because legislators realize the law doesn't do any good anyway.

President Soetoro and his offspring participated in Small Business Saturday yesterday in Washington. Who's Soetoro kidding when his policies are contributing more to the death of the mom and pop store than anything ever before.

Hons, the newborn brother of Adolf Hitler Campbell, has been siezed by the "authorities." If CPS and their ilk in similar countries want to do something to counter bad parenting, why don't they take away people's kids who are sent to kindergarten still in diapers or are sat in front of their portable dvd player while the parents play with their smart phones all the live long day.

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