Wednesday, November 23, 2011


The European Union has ruled company's that sell water can not claim their product stops dehydration. A pharmaceutical company will probably come out with a "dehydration pill" that people are supposed to take to quench their thirst instead.

Was listening to "As It Happens" last night and heard an interview with a woman who makes music using sounds of old houses such as rain on roofs and creaking floorboards. Just shows there really is music everywhere.

Apparently there's something stronger than just tear gas in the tear gas the Egyptian military is using on protesters. People are showing up to clinics with head and eye injuries. Whatever's in the formula, some Western nation was probably involved in the manufacture and/or sale at some point.

In an interview on "As It Happens" tonight, novelist Anne Patchett says people should support independent bookstores because, among other reasons, you have to pay taxes on your purchase and that helps with things like building roads. Patchett opened her own bookstore a week ago in the Tenessee town where she lives. Yeah, I'm sure her fellow small business owners all across North America would agree with her. Small business owners just love paying sales tax, along with all the other taxes and fees the government mandates.

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