Saturday, November 19, 2011


Gerantologist Carl Pelmer has written a book about what elderly people have to teach the rest of us about life. Old people are the only ones in our society who were around when our country still had a good moral focus and people could actually think straight.

The U.S. House Of Representatives has ruled pizza and french fries are vegetables. The legislation comes in response to lobbying by frozen food companies who supply the aforementioned "vegetables" to school cafeterias. Just putting this up here to show you how truly screwed up the American government has gotten.

By the way, what's the hardest part of a vegetable?
The wheelchair.

An animal rights group called Mercy For Animals wants McDonald's to get its eggs from a supplier that doesn't keep its chickens in cages. McDonald's dropped its Minnisota egg supplier after undercover video shot by members of Mercy For Animals showed chickens being mistreated. Where is McDonald's going to get enough free range eggs to supply its needs?

At a festival in a town near where I live tonight, they had a lengeree show. Yeah, that's what I want to see: a lengeree show in a cold hockey arena.

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