Wednesday, November 9, 2011


A new study shows that men who go to jail for beating their wives usually reoffend when they get out. And the birdies go tweet.

Premier McGhinte wants to make Remembrance Day a statutory holiday. This could mean that Family Day would be abolished. Both are stupid. Let's have a day for families to be together and put it in the middle of winter when it's difficult for people to travel to see each other. On the other hand, if Remembrance Day were made a holiday, people would just treat it like any other day off. It would eventually get moved from the significant date of November 11 to the second Friday of November or something because businesses wouldn't want to open for a few days, close for Remembrance Day and reopen for one or two more days. Eventually, Remembrance Day would become meaningless, just like Canada Day.

A group in Charlottetown wants Prince Edward Island to legalize abortion. Now, I realize you can't realistically stop women who are determined to kill their babies from going to New Brunswick or whereever to have it done, but at least P.E.I. has taken the stand that "it won't happen here." I guess Prince Edward Island can allow abortion if they want to see crime, disease, depression, and all kinds of other unpleasant stuff increase. That's what happens when you break God's law.

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