Friday, November 25, 2011


Heard a commercial for Marshmann Jewelers going out of business sale the other night on Mix 97. It was different from the usual Marshmann Jewelers commercials, more of a hard sell than their usual soft sell. Is only the Marshmann Jewelers outlet in the Quinte Mall going out of business or is the one in Trenton closing as well? I remember the commercials they had for years with the owner and her son. They were kind of creepy, in my opinion.

There is a new show on ABC called "You Deserve It" in which friends play to win money on behalf of friends who are in dyer financial straits. This is just another example of the whole idiom that exists in American culture, and now other cultures, where people think they can just go on "American Idol" or some game show and become rich and/or famous. The reality is, there are millions of other people thinking the same thing. "You Deserve It" is worse because it involves an individual's friend. If the friend goes to the audition and doesn't make the cut, the person on whose behalf they auditioned could feel like that person isn't really a friend or else they would have gotten on the show.

This morning my computer speakers were picking up "The Power Hour."

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