Thursday, November 17, 2011


I bucking hate the view of the world Readers Digest, and the mainstream media in general, presents.

For example, the recent topic of Readers Digest's "Around The World With One Question" feature was, "Do you and your family eat dinner together?" For most people, "dinner" consists of the small bowl of rice and beans they manage to scrape together everyday.

In the September issue, the question was "When Will You Retire?" Do you actually think that, with the global economy the way it is, people are going to be able to afford to retire for much longer?

Also in the September issue of Readers Digest, there is an article originally printed in "Best Health" about how girls and boys are reaching puberty earlier. The writer says this is not really a bad thing, and that early puberty is happening because we're living healthier and better than we have historically. Really? We're living healthier than previous generations? Judging by the number of people that live on fast food and Kraft Dinner, I'm going to have to disagree with that statement.

This early puberty is basically a eugenics thing. If girls hit menarche earlier, then they'll reach menopause sooner. They'll have fewer children because they won't be ready to have children in other ways, such as emotional maturity.

The thing about girls getting their first period at 17 as happened in previous centuries is that meant that when girls were starting to be attracted to boys, they would be more equipped mentally and emotionally to deal with their hormones. God planned it perfectly.

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