Tuesday, November 8, 2011


An article in this week's edition of the online Matilda Ziegler Magazine For The Blind talks about work at home opportunities for blind people. The author is not really in favour of them. One thing the author says is that you have to consider the income you will earn against your government benefits. He says the majority of blind people don't want to live on government benefits and want to earn a living.

Yes the majority of blind people want to live off the government. If they didn't, they would be out there working, at least working in network marketing to earn some money for themselves. I know it's hard for blind people to find jobs. My comments are mainly directed at these blind individuals who graduated from college twenty-some years ago and are still living in subsidized housing on disability pensions. If they really wanted to work, they'd at least have done something by now.

Bottom line is, the Bible says, "he who does not work should not eat."

An article in the same magazine says "Most of the web is inaccessible." What does the author mean by "most of the web?" Sure, there are the capcha's that don't have a working audio alternative (Blogger, I'm looking in your direction), as well as certain drop-down boxes and flash movies where the buttons aren't labeled, but I have mostly been able to navigate and find what I want on the internet.

I am seriously thinking of cancelling my subscription to CBM Canada's magazine service.

Daily Bread and Encounter With God are pretty much the same, using the same scriptures. The text to some of the entries is even the same.

Music Magazine from CBM Australia is just a piece of garbage. Hey, guys, I was expecting a music magazine, you know, featuring new albums and with music news, artist profiles and concert reviews. This is mostly a collection of music that appeals to an older audience, for the most part seemingly randomly selected.

"Hey, we know you blind people would have absolutely nothing to do without the materials you receive from us, so just have this random collection of old praise and worship albums, classical music, hymns, and old records."

It is pretty condescending in that regard as well as in some other regards. In the first quarter issue, the guy mentions a band's website and says, "You can look it up if you have someone to go on the internet for you." Yeah, I don't know if you bucking heard, not that you would have, seeing as how you only work for an organization for the blind and thus are in no way expected to be in the loop on these kinds of things, but they've developed a way for blind people to use the internet these days.

Getting back to Encounter With God, in the Fourth Quarter 2011 issue, one of the writers praises people like Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi.

First, Martin Luther King (aka Marchin Lootin Coon) was an adulterer. He was also a plagarist. He plagarised his thesis from a book called "The Finding Of God." Parts of his "I have a dream" speech were also plagarised. He preached nonviolent protest, but everywhere he went there was violence and arson.

Mahatma Gandhi was a Hindu who is more than likely burning in Hell. Gandhi gets praised by the writer for standing up to an oppressive government.

However, it must be considered that Encounter With God is published by Scripture Union which is a ministry of the Anglican church. Their ministers have predominantly stood up for the oppressive governments. Whenever the British took control of a new place, they would send in the Anglican missionaries to teach the people to be "good Christians", i.e. obey the king.

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