Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Liberty News Radio is apparently gone. Their website is now the home of Liberty Roundtable, which used to be on the network along with all the other shows. I wonder what happened to the other programs, such as The Medical Conspiracy, The Political Cesspool and Law That Never Changes.

I noticed when listening to "Sportsbeat" Friday night on TSN Radio 1050 that they play rap. 1050 was on the cutting edge playing rock and roll in the fifties, and now they're playing the kind of music the kids are listening to today.

Vinney White has resigned from Bob Fm Ottawa. According to an audio statement on his website which also appears on Milkman, the announcers on Bob's Breakfast, the morning show, couldn't agree in which direction the show should go. Judging by some of the bits that come after the actual statement about why White resigned, he sounds head and shoulders above most people in the Canadian radio industry today in terms of creativity, intelligence and personality. He can do much better than the station where he was most recently an announcer.

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