Friday, November 18, 2011


Musical notes from Pedro Hazard and his sidekick Peter R. Snell…
Hello everyone,
Well, we ended the 2011 season with a resounding success. As those who attended the October 28, 20011 concert of Sheesham and Lotus, along with “”Son” Sanderson know, we all had a fantastic time!
You can read a bit more about it at the Choking Hazard Orchestra site. Click on the “Past events” link on the left and follow your nose from there.
We hope everyone who couldn’t make last October’s performance can make it out next year.
To those who made it out, you know how hard it will be to match our last performance. We’ll also do our best to bring a touch of the unique, different, magical, accomplished, exciting — the list goes on — that Goto Izumi, Matt Snell and Selina Martin brought us earlier in the year. Right in downtown Thomasburg, Ontario.
While you’re at it, check out the adventures of the Most Photographed Piano in the World. Right now, it’s in Belleville at the Festival of Trees.
If I don’t get to see some of you before the year is out – have a great holiday season and see you in 2012!
Peter Snell

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