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Got this from BrooWaha. My comments are in parenthesis.

In the 1960s baby boomers led the way against the Vietnam War, and African-Americans led for civil rights. Now it's time for our children and grandchildren to lead us against the greed of Wall St.In
In the 1960s there was a draft.

In the 1960s young people went to the streets, burned their draft cards in protest for being conscripted into the military to fight a war they didn't believe in.

In the 1960s and before African Americans in the south weren't allowed to vote through many conniving laws that made this right almost impossible to carry out.

In the 1960s black children couldn't attend the better schools that the white student attended. They also couldn't live in white neighborhoods. They were denied many basic rights that other Americans took for granted.

(The thing about segregated schools is, black children learn at a different pace than white children. When schools were integrated, black students, who had done well before, found they couldn't keep up.)

They, as well, rebelled. They participated in massive acts of nonviolent direct action, such as sit-ins at Woolworth counters in the South, boycotting buses in Montgomery, AL.

(As well as violent actions like burning down neighbourhoods. Also, look at the state of the average black family today as compared to the 1950s.)

Today, in the 2010s, many of our young people and some older folks are without jobs even though they received educations that were supposed to guarantee them stunning careers that would pay off student debts and allow them to start lives as contributing adults to the civil society.

In the 2010s, millions of families have found themselves put out of their homes because of foreclosures in ever mounting numbers. Sacrifices to pay monthly mortgages in the thousands of dollars count for nothing. Those still in their homes have found their home values evaporate like a morning dew.

Near the 2010s, the US government gave billions of dollars to US financial institutions to prevent a national financial collapse we were told. Many of those funds went for bonuses to millionaire CEOs, who laughed all the way to their yachts while pink slips were handed out to employees all along the boulevard along the way.

Meanwhile college loans take over grants and scholarships and students find themselves graduating with loans the size of mortgages, and having no way to even start payments since they have no jobs.

(The thing is, that's what happens when you forget God's law. The Bible makes it clear over and over again that the economic condition of the people is directly related to whether or not they follow God's commandments. If you don't obey what the Bible teaches, it's no wonder you wind up with no savings and your children have huge student loans they haven't a hope of paying off.)

We in the 1960s always wondered when the young would take over the mantle and carry on the fight for social justice in this country and beyond.

(Oh, what are you talking about? The boomers went from their antimaterialism and social justice stances to being the yupies who prized material things and would only nominally support chic causes. Your generation went from preaching freedom to being the most controlling bunch of people the world has seen in a long time. You went from an attitude of do your own thing to being the kind of people who would call your lawyer if your neighbour was slow about raking his leaves.)

The time has come. It is today. It is in more than 800 communities around the globe in the form of Occupy Wall Street groups.

These people....both young and old....are mad and aren't going to take it any longer.

(We'll see how much they "take it" when Barry (Barack) Soetoro (Obama) plays the Sir Galahad and sends in the army to do some serious violence to these Occupy people, making himself appear the big hero in the hopes of getting re-elected.)

My advice to the other old timers like myself. Let the leaders of this movement be our young people. We have fought many battles, some of which we won and some which we lost. And we can also fight this battle, but this is the time for our young people to take leadership.

(Hard to be a leader if you don't have a specific goal in mind you want to accomplish. These people are angry but they don't seem to have any concrete solutions to anything. It's fine to raise awareness of a problem, but the next step in confronting that problem is to work out a solution.)

Let's pass our flame of passion onto them. Let's follow, but be open to share our wisdom, advice and experience when asked.

This is a new dawn of activism once more in America, and the leaders do not have silver crowns like mine, but instead black, blond, red and even dreadlocks crowns, accented with tattoos in some cases. They have babies. Many own very little, but have so much to gain by this experience.

Let's be there for them, help make the critical mass, testify for them, write letters to the editor for their movement, then step back and let them develop a form of reform that speaks to the needs and wants of the 2010s.

AH: It's going to be interesting to see what further developments will occur in the Occupy movement. Winter is coming. What will it be like if these people want to continue their demonstrating into the next few months. Will they with solidarity camp overnight in tents in parks when it's below -10 Celsius? Will Soetoro send in the tanks like he plans? Will the protesters just get discouraged and disperse?

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