Friday, November 25, 2011


Got a call from a Caribbean lady earlier tonight conducting a survey mostly about alcohol. I was into my third beer at that point.

She asked me to rank the appropriateness of beer, wine and spirits for certain events, such as with dinner or at sporting events. I said with regard to sporting events that beer was best because "you're in public and don't want to come under the influence too fast."

She asked me how much I drink a week. I said it varies. Some weeks I won't drink at all "but I'm on my third one tonight as you can probably tell."

She asked me, "Are you aware the beer industry funds research into Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?" I replied "No, I wasn't, but that's good of them since they probably contributed to it."

She collected some information and thanked me for participating in the survey. I responded, "You're welcome, and I wish you well conducting a survey about alcohol on a Friday night." She laughed and said goodbye.

By the way, telemarketers, don't say a survey is going to take four minutes when it actually takes more than that amount of time.

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