Thursday, November 3, 2011


Hot In Here: Our housekeeper's daughter liked this song.

"It's getting hot in here,
So take off all your clothes."

Oh, just bucking brilliant.

Dilemma: "I'm in lust with the neighbour but she's already got a boyfriend but it's cool because she's secretly in lust with me, too." Well, that's just bucking great.

"Even when I'm with my boo"

What kind of boo would that be? Your jigaboo?

A Moment Like This: I was working out in the gym in the basement of the CNIB's Transitional Training Centre. This song came on the radio. One of the girls who was working out with me asked one of the girls who was coaching us who sang the song. The girl replied, "Kelly Clarkson, the American idol." I couldn't believe this dumb girl didn't realize the show was just about creating bubblegum pop stars.

Loose Yourself: I was a huge fan of Eminem back at the W. Ross Macdonald School For The Blind but I will confine my recollections to "Loose Yourself" here.

I first heard this song on "The Top Six At Six" on Mix 97.

When I was at the Transitional Training Centre in Hamilton we were watching Much Music one Saturday afternoon and they were doing rap battling. One of the contestants made a reference to Ed The Sock.

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